Janice Spina – Hunting Mariah

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I’m excited to have Janice Spina on the blog today sharing information on her latest book. Please join me in welcoming her.

J.E. Spina’s first novel, Hunting Mariah, is now available in print at Create Space http://www.createspace.com/5060224, and for the Kindle at Amazon.

J E. Spina will be offering a giveaway on Goodreads as soon as the Kindle version is available. Please go to her blog for more updates on upcoming links http://jemsbooks.wordpress.com. and website http://jemsbooks.com

Here is the synopsis of Hunting Mariah:


An insane killer, obsessed with blood and death, seeks revenge with those he perceives wronged him. He is now on the loose. His next victim may be Mariah. During his rampages he writes macabre poems for his victims.

Mariah has lost her memory. Will she remember what has transpired in her past? Can Mariah escape the deadly killer’s grasp? Will she finally be safe? Will the killer be apprehended?


J.E. Spina’s novel has been a long time coming. She started it over twenty years ago but put it on the back burner until this year when she decided it was time to get it ready for publication. J.E. Spina is an author of five children’s books, one of which received the Silver Medal from Mom’s Choice Awards. She writes her children’s books under Janice Spina.

J.E. Spina has written three other novels – a spiritual/mystery, historical/drama, and a YA fantasy which she hopes to edit and publish over the next two years. In between she will continue to publish more children’s books under Janice Spina. Besides being an author Janice is also a copy editor, blogger, avid reader, book reviewer and supporter of fellow authors.

Blank – Episode 1 Is Here!


And it’s being released at a special price for ‘The Heard’ Only .99 for a limited time


blank testWhite

Today is the day and I couldn’t be more excited. Release day is always a big deal and this one is no different. And with the first in the Blank series comes a special introductory price for a limited time. Usually, promo pricing is reserved for later, after the initial flood of readers, but I wanted to continue to do things differently. I wanted to give my loyal readers a chance to enjoy the story at a price that expresses my thanks for supporting me.

I love my peeps and I hope you’ll take advantage of the deal before it ends and tell a few friends who might be reluctant to try a new author.

Blank is a serialized story broken up into shorter novels of approximately 80 – 100 pages. They’re meant to be read in one or two sittings and are complete adventures within themselves, not some whole novel chopped up. People’s lives have become busy and it’s difficult to find time to sit and enjoy something for long periods and this type of story is becoming popular with the hard working folks of the world. I had a blast writing this way and it comes across very well with little cliffhangers at the end of each story.

The release schedule should keep you enthralled with a new episode coming out every 2 to 3 weeks, so expect the next installment around April 16th, 2014.

Here’s where you can get Blank Episode 1:

Barnes & Noble

Here’s the blurb for Blank Episode 1 to give you an idea what it’s all about:

There’s a violence in me.

My name is Lincoln Delabar. I was born without a face. Yes, you heard that right. Smooth, clear skin from my forehead to my chin.

I see the world differently, yet it is still a place that holds wonder. At least most of the time.

With my uniqueness comes a burden. My mind is powerful. Very powerful. And I have an obligation, a purpose, to see things in my own special way. Some of the things I see are frightening.

The evil in this world is beyond anyone’s control. Or so you might think.

There is a violence in me. I’m not afraid. I can control it.

But should I?

Here is a link for a sample of the Novel:

Blank – Episode 1 Sample

Thank you all for your support. It means the world to me.

Be well, and embrace the thrill.


P.S. If you should get two emails regarding this announcement, then you are subscribed to my blog feed via email as well. I apologize as I can’t separate the two. It’s not my intention to flood your inbox with my ramblings, it’s just a byproduct of the technology. Thank you!

I’m proud to show off the cover for my upcoming serialized thriller BLANK. Its simplicity is what makes it stand out and though different than anything I’ve put out before, I really like it. Thanks to David ‘Spanky’ Tyson for the great idea. Midget Magic, baby.

In one sentence, this is what it is about:

“A child born without a face discovers that his mind is a powerful thing, and as he learns to use it, he must decide if the violent side of him will rule his life.”

blank testWhite

Stay tuned for Release date announcements and sneak peeks of the books. I’m excited.

Do you ever do anything just to do it?

I was thinking about this the other day and I had to think hard to find the truth in it. When was the last time I did something just to do it? I’m not talking about going fishing, or flying my little RC airplanes, or even going to a movie. I’m talking about doing something nice for somebody without any expectations in return.

I don’t really consider myself a selfish person. Most don’t, but am I a giving one? Do I go out of my way to give the shirt off of my back or the shoes off of my feet to someone in need? Have I ever given something of myself just to give it, without any expectations of a return of even a thank you? I had to think hard. It’s been a while.

And that bothers me.

I know we all get caught up in our lives. Day to day stuff that gets in the way of what really matters. The bills, work, television, the kids’ soccer game, even mowing the lawn, as dreadful of a chore as that is. But what if we even took some of that mundane stuff in our lives and gave someone else an opportunity to get away from it?

I tried it and it was kind of cool. I was mowing my yard, dust and grass flying all around me, my stupid little dust mask on my face and my favorite FSU hat on my head. I’m a sight to see, I know. My neighbor across the street was mowing their’s also, but was struggling with a little push mower in high weeds and turf. She was not having a fun time.

Now, I have this big ‘ol zero-turn radius thingy to mow my one acre lot and it plows through some pretty hefty stuff with ease. Each time I would pass her  as my mower made it’s trek through my yard, I’d see her struggling. So, though I was in  a hurry and really not enjoying the chore, I still drove over there and shut my mower down. I climbed off of it and waved at her. She gave me a look like ‘What the f*%$ does this guy want?’ She walked over.

“That grass is pretty high,” I said, like an idiot.

“It is.”

“That little mower you have there is sure having a hard time.”

“It is.”

“How about I knock it down for you with mine?”

Her face lit up, the smile so big I thought her skin would crack. “That would be awesome.”

“Okay. It won’t take me long.”

I climbed back up on my machine and cranked her up. I had it knocked out in a few minutes as she sat and drank some water. When I was finished, I waved and drove back over to my yard and finished up there. She waved back and shouted something to me, but I didn’t hear. It really didn’t matter what it was, I was just glad to help her. Not only did it take just a few minutes out of my schedule, but it felt pretty good to help her too and gave me a boost for the day.

With that in mind, will I continue to do things like this to get that warm fuzzy feeling again? I’d like to think so, but maybe that’s giving with conditions again. What if she hadn’t really been appreciative or had given me a hard time? Would I still feel all warm and fuzzy?

Probably not, but the point is I would still do it. I like the idea of giving without expectations. The world needs a little more of it around. I’m not trying to bolster me up or brag about being a good neighbor, I just thought it would be cool to share how one little act of kindness can mean a lot to somebody’s day. And if we could all do that, just once, every day, the world would be pretty dang cool.

I’m in.

Let’s do this.


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What do I want out of this writing career? A common question that a lot of authors ask themselves. My answer may or may not be so common, though. I used to think it was to be famous and rich and to have people swoon over me and recognize me in the grocery store.

To live in a big house and travel to exotic places as research for the setting in my next thriller. To hang with the likes of Stephen King, Lee Child, Harlen Coben, James Patterson, and Patricia Cornwell.

But with some of the events that have happened over the course of my short writing career, I’ve had the opportunity to really think about what I want, and those above mentioned things really aren’t it. I like money, who doesn’t, and traveling to cool places is, well, cool. Big houses are sweet and all of those authors in one room would be a trip. But the cost would be something I might not be willing to spend. And that cost would be my freedom.

I like my life. Sure, it has its problems and drawbacks, but it’s been a pretty good run so far. I’ve been lucky to have the best family a man could ask for, a job that pays well and is not boring, a retirement ahead that most would envy and the opportunity to entertain a few people along the way.

I like writing to entertain. And I’m going to be a little selfish for just a second; that first draft is always for me. It pours out of me in a rush, waiting for no one and no thing until it gets told. To me. By me.

Selfish part over.

Because when it’s out, I smile, put it away for a bit to season, and then it gets pulled out and set upon to make it suitable for the reader. Yep, then it’s all about you. It’s all about making it the best it can be to entertain.

And I love that. I love the fact that I might just be able to pull somebody out of their ho-hum day and make their blood rush through their veins a bit faster, or make them awe at something that didn’t occur to them, or make them weep at something that touched them, or that made them hold their spouse a little closer that night. It’s all about the gift, and I love that I have the privilege to give it. Even if it’s just a little bit.

Would I do it if I got nothing in return? Tough question. We all like to feel that our contributions to humanity have some positive effects, and I’m no different. Maybe the appropriate question would be would I do it if I didn’t make a single penny. Yes.

I have a tendency to enjoy feedback about my work more than a tick on the accounting spreadsheet. And that is why I know I’ll keep doing this whether anything ‘big’ happens or not.

But let’s go back to the freedom thing. And this is important to me. I love writing. Love it. I have to do some form of it everyday or I feel like something is missing. If my stories propel me to something that is too big, that enjoyment might just go bye-bye. I hear all the time of authors who have ‘made it’ only to find that making it meant they gave up their lives, or family, or freedom. That some publisher took over their daily existence and ruled their lives. This does not appeal to me. Not one bit.

I don’t give a crap about being on Oprah, or a radio talk show, or Good Morning America, or a huge book signing event. I know I should, but those things actually scare me. Not because I have stage fright or am a germ-a-phobe, or hate people. It scares me because I might lose track of myself. And if that happens, I won’t exist. Period.

Would I like some success? Yes. Just enough to pay a few bills and interact with some cool people who get me. And that’s why I’ve chosen this independent route in my writing journey. It allows me to put out a really good story, clean and professionally edited, without giving away the farm and possibly my life. I can work as much or as little on the stories as I want, no pressure to produce except what pressure I put on myself, (and at the moment I’m putting quite a bit) and if I don’t like a story, can it, re-write it, or see what others think. Pretty cool and pretty powerful for me.

This is also why I give some of my writing away for free. I worked just as hard on it as the ones that cost a little bit, but I like to give away some joy in this life and free is always cool. In that measure I do give a crap.

Know this. I want to keep doing this. And I love it, so if you’ll stick with me on this journey, we might just find a few cool things about each other we didn’t know. And my freedom I’ll hold on to. Even if it means I’m not available to bookstores and worldwide distribution.

And that is all I want. Simple.