Author Richard C Hale

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Frozen Past

A Jaxon Jennings Thriller

Jaxon Jennings. Cop. Homicide detective. Partner. He always had your back and rarely made mistakes. Until the death of his son. Until the night he couldn’t save him. Until everything he held dear was taken away from him. Now, a shell of a man, his reckless actions mark him as a burn-out. A Loner. A dangerous man whom many in the Fairfax County Police Department cannot trust. The criminals he pursues in the suburbs of Washington D. C. are nothing more than ways to bide his time until his next drink, next fix, next loss of control. His past haunts him no matter how hard he tries to hide from it. So, when a boy’s body shows up floating under the ice of a quiet neighborhood pool, Jaxon finds himself immersed in a world where the ghosts of his past feel too close for comfort. A psychopath is using the innocent in ways that appear familiar. Jaxon’s past is catching up with him. And the anger that seethes below the surface threatens to destroy not only his life, but the lives of a group of kids somehow connected with him. The answers are locked, frozen in the part of his past he refuses to confront. But people are counting on him. And he must do anything to save them. Anything. Even if it costs him his life.

Cache 72

72 hours. That's what the note said. 72 hours and the girl would be dead. Jaxon held the paper in one hand and the severed finger in the other. It was not a hoax. A day with his new hobby had turned into something he hadn’t seen coming. GeoCaching—a modern scavenger hunt—was now a race against time. A woman he had never met was praying he wouldn't fail. 72 hours. Three days. A life hanging in the balance and the clock ticking. The killer's game deadly. Jaxon Jennings, retired cop and private eye, knew the girl had only one chance…

And he was it.

Father Figure

The truth will set you free. What a crock.

Jaxon Jennings knows the lie in the cliché. He’s lived it his whole life. So when his partner witnesses the murder of their client’s wife, he isn’t surprised by the trail of deceit, corruption, drugs and rape underlying the façade of truth in his city.

Paid to uncover the real murderer, Jaxon finds himself immersed in a world of treachery and lies. Lies so deep they cut like knives.

And when his recently deceased father is somehow connected, he must find the man who pulls the strings behind the scenes. The man who has the answers to all the questions. The answers that send Jaxon over the edge. For he knows…

Only the dead are set free by the truth. And the truth will burden you for life.

Near Death

For Jake Townsend, the loss was shattering. And every night for the past two years, he has relived the horror of what happened. The moonless night. The piercing screams. The horrific crash. The night his wife was taken from him. The last time he saw her alive.

Everyone tells him to move on. But for Jake, there can be no closure. A message appears in his dreams—a warning he is reluctant to heed.

The omens ignored, Jake finds himself caught between the desire to see his beloved wife again and disrupting the delicate balance of life and death. The technology he developed has shown him the path, and others will do anything to use it, but at what price?

He must choose, and the consequences may ultimately shatter his world.

Near Sighted

A Jake Townsend Thriller

Readers captivated by Near Death will eagerly devour Near Sighted, the much anticipated second book in Richard C. Hale’s riveting thriller series.

Near Sighted continues the story of Jake Townsend and his mind reading technology as he attempts to find equilibrium between what he should and should not do with the knowledge.

Jake feels his life has moved on, but when his dreams return and he sees a glimpse into his future, he discovers that the nightmare has only begun.

Somewhere, someone has stolen his secrets. And as he learns of their evil purpose, he must find a way to stop them. Or risk losing everything he holds dear.

Once again, the fate of the human race hangs in the balance and Jake holds the key.

But will he have the courage to use it?


There’s a violence in me.

My name is Lincoln Delabar. I was born without a face. Yes, you heard that right. Smooth, clear skin from my forehead to my chin.

I see the world differently, yet it is still a place that holds wonder. At least most of the time.

With my uniqueness comes a burden. My mind is powerful. Very powerful. And I have an obligation, a purpose, to see things in my own special way. Some of the things I see are frightening.

The evil in this world is beyond anyone’s control. Or so you might think.

There is a violence in me. I’m not afraid. I can control it.

But should I?

Blank: Threads

8 years.

A lifetime.

For Lincoln Delabar, it had been a lifetime wasted. The teenager he had been was now a grown man. Older. Wiser. But a lesser man just the same. Something was missing and it festered like a splinter in his mind.

He had to find her. So, when a part of his past found him—a part he never knew existed—he discovered what he’d been searching for had always been right there. Staring back at him. Like a Blank face.

He was propelled into a world that would change his life forever. The violence in him had surfaced again and threatened to rule him. He’d let it in. He had to. He could control it.

Or could he?

Blank: Apocalypse

Available February 1, 2016

Life or nothing.

For Lincoln Delabar, the choice meant more than the words. His life was a wreck. The one thing he held dear, lost from him, and for all he knew, never to be found again.

The pain of that loss fed a fever in him that, if allowed to extinguish, would cool to a loneliness that nothing could comfort. He had to try, even if it cost him his life.

The Threads of his world led to a place no one else could see. A place filled with darkness and evil.

And her.

But the fate of many more were tied with thin Threads. Linc’s strength, and his weakness, the only thing keeping the balance. A balance threatened by a psychopath all too familiar to him. The one man Linc knew better than any other in his life. The man who was his twin, yet nothing like him.

And this twin would bring the Apocalypse. If Linc could not stop him, all he held dear would be lost.


Flash Mob - A Short Story

Kathy couldn't believe she was going to be part of something this big. Something so cool. Her friends had talked her into it and now she just knew it was all going to come together. But when you are the center of attention, sometimes things go wrong. FLASH MOB.

The Sandbar - A Short Story

What started out to be a stellar day for Jeb in his new fishing boat, soon became something else as a nightmare unfolded in the waters of South Florida’s Gulf Coast.

When Jeb tried his buddies secret fishing spot, he couldn’t believe the luck, but when he found something unexplainable rotting on a sandbar, he soon found himself in a battle for his sanity. And his life.

The Camera - A Short Story

Mike was excited. He had just purchased the most valuable tool in his hunting arsenal. A wireless hunting cam. And as he looked at the first images from his prime spot in the woods, something wasn't right. What he saw did not make sense, and he would have to go out there to see what was in the lens of The Camera.