Weather, whether, and we’re there, Part 1

Whether the weather impacts your daily life by interfering with your work, your fun, or prolongs your agony as the kids in the back keep asking if  “we’re there”, it still is an important part of life on this planet.  Without it we couldn’t survive.  Personally it’s all a perspective thing for me. If it’s…

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That all important first sentence

As a rookie writer, I don’t have the luxury of relying on a fan base.  Actually, no one even knows I exist, so I’m being told that to pull the average reader to my story, I must grab their attention with the first sentence.  Something which will set the hook and leave the reader dying…

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The Beginning

Somewhere along the lines I figured I needed to do this.  If I’m going to be a serious writer with serious dreams, serious fans, and serious bills, I better find a way to get on with it.  Just start.  That’s all I have to do…just begin.  So, 8 months ago, I did just that.  Not that…

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