About Richard C Hale

By R. Hale

MeRichard C Hale is a thriller and paranormal writer. Author of NEAR DEATH, FROZEN PAST, NEAR SIGHTED, CACHE 72, FATHER FIGURE, and the upcoming BLANK, he has worn many hats over the years including Greens keeper, Bartender, Respiratory Therapist, Musician and Veteran Air Traffic Controller.

Drawing from his diverse background and interests, his stories weave humor, angst and a touch of the unusual to bring the reader to a place they could not find on their own.

He often tells people,

“The story is the story.  Everything else is an English Professor’s paycheck.”

He currently resides with his beautiful wife and family in North Florida,  where he lives for the next liberating idea.



  1. Lee Carey says:

    My good friend, Wayne Zurl, posted your info on FB. I checked it out and saw a close kin to the same theme in my mystery/crime novels. Like your style and outlay about your writing. I wish you the best. Even though I do a bunch on Kindle and Smashwords…I do not own an ereading device. I hang my head…but, I do like to read ‘hand-holdable- stuff…I will check this one out…wishin’ you the best, friend. Keep smilin’

    • R. Hale says:

      Thank you Lee! Thanks for stopping by and very glad to meet you. I appreciate the kind words. I understand about the ‘hand-holdable stuff’ as there is nothing like holding a book in your hand. I do love the Kindle though as it’s compact, neat and kind of fun to read on. They keep dropping the prices so eventually we’ll all own one just like MP3 players. We’ll see. Be well, and stop by anytime!

  2. Tammy LaPorte says:

    Hi Richard!
    I just came across your book Frozen Past on Amazon and gobbled it right up and then I found Near Death and gobbled that one up too!!

    Then the hunt began to find your website and I’m so excited to see you’ll be releasing Near Sight. When are you expecting to release the book? I’m so looking forward to another fun ride. Keep them coming!

    So happy to have another favorite author.

    • R. Hale says:

      Thanks so much Tammy. Glad you enjoyed the books. I’m hoping for a late summer early fall release of NEAR SIGHTED and definitely before the year’s end. I’m also working on a collection of short stories I should be able to have available before the year’s end also. Thanks for stopping by. Be well!


  3. Homepage says:

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  4. Sharon K. Simpson says:

    Hi Richard!
    I just wanted to tell you that I found your book, Frozen Past on Amazon, for my KIndle. Oh my goodness what a thriller!! I am about 1/2 way done, and decided I better hunt this Richard C. Hale guy down and see if he has written anything else!! Well, was very happy to see that you have! My next read will be Near Death! I read alot, so will be “waiting patiently” for your next release, Near Sighted!

    It’s so exciting when I find an author that I just CAN”T WAIT til they release a new book!
    Thanks for writing and keep it up!!

    • R. Hale says:

      Thank you Sharon! Glad you’re enjoying FROZEN PAST. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me. It means a lot. As far as new books, I have 2 in the editing phases, NEAR SIGHTED and CACHE 72 and they should both be out before the summer. NEAR SIGHTED is part 2 of the NEAR DEATH trilogy and CACHE 72 brings back Jaxon Jennings from FROZEN PAST. Stay tuned!


  5. Sharon K. Simpson says:

    Oh and now on your Facebook page, I see you have one called Cache 72! Better find that one too!! Woo-hoo!

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  7. Hey Richard,
    Just posted the review for Near Death and, I am embarrassed to say, I’ve lost your email. The link is http://wp.me/p2eb7U-vf for your use. With your permission I will also post the review to Goodreads and Amazon within a short time.
    Thanks for letting me read your work. I enjoyed it!

  8. Kim says:

    I just found your books through your Christmas lights page! I’m a huge reader and a local, and look forward to reading your books and giving referrals to friends. You are doing what I have always wanted, and that is publish a novel someday. I’d love to know how you got started – are these Indie books that are just on e-readers? If you have a moment, I’d love to hear more about how you made your dream a reality. Best of luck – the preview on Cache 72 was great!

    • R. Hale says:

      HI Kim! Glad you found your way here and we have a lot of fun with the Christmas lights. I have to take a little break from writing to set it all up, but it’s worth it. The kids love it. I’ll drop you an email and say ‘Hi!’