Cover Reveal – Blank

I’m proud to show off the cover for my upcoming serialized thriller BLANK. Its simplicity is what makes it stand out and though different than anything I’ve put out before, I really like it. Thanks to David ‘Spanky’ Tyson for the great idea. Midget Magic, baby.

In one sentence, this is what it is about:

“A child born without a face discovers that his mind is a powerful thing, and as he learns to use it, he must decide if the violent side of him will rule his life.”

blank testWhite

Stay tuned for Release date announcements and sneak peeks of the books. I’m excited.


  • Dragonflylife

    Reply Reply March 29, 2014

    I believe that young adults and adults will enjoy this series? I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started to read Blank. The opening lines made me wonder if it was a horror book but having read many of Richards books I didn’t think it would be so I was intrigued as to how the story would develop.

    Richard didn’t disappoint, the depth of emotional connections Lincoln develops with the world around him had me enthralled from page one. I like the fact that the story is short because I would have struggled to put this book down, it leaves you with many unanswered questions but the suspense is all part of the enjoyment .

    I was fascinated by the connections with animals, Linc family and friends. The fact that adults found it harder to cope was not surprising but at the moment I am not sure about Joey, he clearly enjoys spending time with Linc so what is he frightened of, why is he so reluctant to connect with Linc, does he have something to hide? How will what’s happened affect Linc as he grows older? Will he be able to gain more control or will the blackness start to control him? I can’t what for the next book to be released.

    • R. Hale

      Reply Reply March 29, 2014

      Thank you JO. You hit the nail on the head with a lot of your comments and you’ll get your answers as the series progresses. Don’t worry.
      Glad you enjoyed it. All my best, Rich

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