Dimensional Travel and Linc – What’s Up With That?

*** If you haven’t read the second Blank book,  Blank: Threads, you might want to skip this post. Spoilers in here. ***


BlankThreads4EbookMedDimensional travel becomes a big part of the story in Linc’s second and third books and I have a few folks ask me why I took the story in that direction? And the simple answer is, because I can.

Okay, I sounded like an asshole there and I don’t want to sound like one so, I’ll explain some things and it might make more sense.

I love the Blank books. Sounds weird, but think about it. If I didn’t like what I wrote, how can I expect others to? So, what does that have to do with dimensional travel? It’s really quite simple.

I didn’t want the story to end.

Let me ‘splain.

At an early point in my career, I read a story, or article, somewhere about Robert Ludlum and his Bourne character. This article raved how Ludlum had created a perfect plot. A man with amnesia and a past that revealed itself in brief flashes.

What makes this perfect? It has endless possibilities. Ludlum could take his Bourne character any place he wanted. Think about it.

Bourne could have been a spy. Oh wait, he was. He could have been a woman. A stretch, but it could happen. A doctor who had a cure for cancer. A scientist with knowledge of an impending apocalypse. A husband of a kidnapped wife. A circus performer who witnessed a murder. A mob boss who was on the run. An alien from another world sent here to learn about us. Endless.

With that in mind, by the end of the first Blank book, Linc had grown on me. And I wanted to take him to a place that might give me unlimited possibilities. But the amnesia thing was taken, so, if I could put him into places and situations in time that were limitless, Linc might never run out of adventures.

Ahh. You say. I see.

Plus, bringing in characters from my other series, gives me more options for Blank in the future. And who’s to say that Savannah won’t have her own series? Plus, I’ve already told you that Linc and Savannah will have a major role in the final Near Death book. What will that role be? Oh…you’re sneaky. What fun would that be if I gave it away?

In the final installment in this blog series, I’ll dive into what might be ahead for Linc. A few teasers for those who loved to be teased. Hopefully, it won’t drive you crazy. I know I can’t wait for what’s next. Can you?


‘Til tomorrow.



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