So, What’s Next for Blank?

BlankApoca2LargeWhat’s next for Linc?

It’s a loaded question, isn’t it? One that I hope will at least spark your interest. Or spark something. I can’t give away too much, though, because, who knows what will change between now and the actual writing of the next Blank books? Plus, it would be kind of stupid of me to spoil any twists. And I love twists.

But I’ll play along and let you see glimpses into what Linc is whispering in my ear – or telepathing to me. I’m excited about what he’s saying.

Near Life – This is the working title of the third in the Near Death trilogy and if you haven’t heard me speak of it before, know that Linc and Savannah will have a major role in the last book. Jake Townsend, the main character in Near Death, made several appearances in the Blank series, so it’s only fitting that Linc and Savannah help him in his world. I won’t give away more.

Blank: Vigilante – Another working title. I’ve said in the past that I love the whole vigilante type justice story. Nothing better than a wrong put to right by someone who passes judgement based on their own morals and beliefs, whether right or wrong. Linc doled out a bit of vigilante justice in the books, but I’d like to see more of this part of his character.

Blank: Savannah’s Song – Another working title. Didn’t Stephen King do something similar? I’ll have to check on that. Oh wait…It was Song of Susannah. My bad. Anyway, I’d like to explore Savannah’s talents, and character, as she grows older. I’d have to say mid to late teens. And her relationship with her father, Linc. Lot’s of plot ideas in there.

Blank: My Last Wish – In the first Blank book, Linc showed his ability to interact with the dying. And this trait continued in the next books. I can see a whole story on this aspect of his abilities and what that could mean for him and his world. I like.

Blank: Dimensions – Almost self explanatory. We’ll take Blank to places of wonder and horror. Thrills and sorrow. Unimaginable parallels that only he can visit. And of course, Savannah. She’ll be there right along side of him. Too many ideas in here to even begin, so you’ll have to wait. Agh!

There you go. A little insight into what might be in store for Lincoln Delabar. Of course, he’ll keep whispering to me and I’m sure there will be much more.

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